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When I was 12 years old, we moved as a family from big city of Philadelphia (pop. 3 million) to small town Montana (pop. 8k). I went from riding bikes down narrow alley ways to floating down wide fresh spring creeks and I was completely flipped upside down.  To say life changed dramatically is an understatement and I admit, I wasn't too thrilled with this change, but eventually I adapted, and what I thought was a hinderance as a teenager eventually became seen as a strength.  A lot of my strength comes from my father instilling in me the importance of being independent as a young girl. He taught me to shoot guns, use tools and learn how to remodel our house, life skills that proved invaluable. 

Camping and hiking were a regular apart of my childhood and I developed a deep appreciation for nature.  I earned my degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State then worked in Puerto Rico on sustainable tourism initiatives where I spent most my free time surfing and exploring the local beaches. Puerto Rico is magical and although I loved living on the island, but I felt compelled towards more, so I moved to Los Angeles and started down the entertainment rabbit hole. In between classes and auditions, I kept my head above water by working my ass off; as a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, luxury spirit portfolio manager and eventually, CoFounder of the boutique event company, Black LAB. 

Meanwhile, I diligently worked my way up in entertainment, having now appeared in over 50 nationally commercials and hosted dozens of direct response commercials. As writer and producer of the travel series, Drive Yourself Local, I explore America in my classic Mustang sharing slices of local culture. I also produced and hosted the EDM cocktail series "The MixDown" on Complex TV with 180+ million impressions and interviewed both newcomers and MMA legends as reporter and news correspondent for My Combat Channel.   In addition to co-hosting the Discovery/Velocity series Garage Squad, I also co-host the podcast, Man Seeks Adventure and produce multi-media content for my lifestyle blog, On the Road.  I want to explore and experience all there is in life. Bring it on. 

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Garage Squad

Television show Host

Co-host of Discovery's DIY car rescue series where I work with a team of guys on folks' classic cars and them back on the road. 


Drive yourself Local 

Exec Producer & Host

Creator and host of the new travel series that follows my journey across America in my '65 Mustang sharing slices of local culture. 


Man Seeks Adventure

Podcast co-host

Cohost of the multi-media men's lifestyle podcast, where I create a drink of the day for each episode featuring celebrity interviews, travel stories, and advice for men.