Like most gear heads I was brought up at an early age to appreciate working in a garage. My dad brought home a red 1979 El Camino when I was just 8 years old and I remember it well.  Thankfully, my dad liked to teach my brother and I, and that meant lots of time helping him with various home or garage tasks that involved manual labor.  I learned a lot about using tools and although I didn't appreciate that skill at the time, now I couldn't be more grateful. 

How did you get cast in garage squad? 

I'm a television host by trade so when Garage Squad put out the call for a female host who loves cars and isn't shy about getting down and dirty in the garage I raised my hand.  Well actually I submitted a self-tape of me talking about cars and low and behold I got the job.  I had no idea what I was in for, it's been better than I ever imagined. 

What cars do you own? 

I own a 1965 silver-blue Mustang Coupe with a luxury blue and white interior.


do you really enjoy working on cars? 

Of course.  There's nothing better than working together as a team to accomplish a big project that makes someone super happy. Winning! 


Where can i meet you? 

Car people are the best and I love the opportunity to meet you in person.  I make appearances at car shows worldwide to meet my fans.  Sign up for my newsletter to get the scoop on when I'll be in your area. 



Thanks for asking!  Visit my shop where you can select a photo that I'll personally autograph. 


why don't you eat meat? 

As a teenager in Montana searching for meaning in life, I found vegetarianism.  Initially I just though it 'made sense' but as I began to study the affects of meat consumption and meat production my eyes were opened to an industry that is killing us with chronic disease and I couldn't turn back.  I've continued to study the health and environmental impacts from meat consumption and production and have switched from being pescatarian to eating a whole-food plant based diet.  I am proud to have my Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell University and since I've cut out nearly all animal products I am the healthiest I've ever been.