An Italian Red I fell in Love with



I had the pleasure of being introduced to this delightfully unassuming Italian wine while dining at Osteria LaBuca one evening.  After tasting several of the wines by the glass we inquired about some bottle recommendations.   Our knowledgeable waiter confidently recommended DonnaLuna Aglianico Paestum, a 90% Aglianico & 10% Primotivo red blend from the Campania region in Southern Italy.

I was immediately intrigued by it's brilliant purple color and fruity nose.   The first sip was delightful, round with medium complexity   dark cherries, mineral notes and a smooth dry finish that left me smitten.

Our waiter proceeded to share the story and passion behind the wine.  Produced at Viticoltori de Concilii in the high altitude vineyards looking out towards the Mediterranean  they care deeply about preserving the land and culture and produce under a sustainable philosophy.  And it’s certified organic.  What more could I ask for?  I was falling in love.

We enjoyed the wine with a hearty fusilli pasta tossed w/ spinach & chickpeas which paired perfectly.  After the meal, the conversation continued and the complexity of wine evolved offering supple tannins and nuances of earthy spice.    It was everything I wanted in a wine down to the very last drop.

The Philosophy at Viticotori de Conciliis

1.  Respect nature & respect the land This means the lowest possible use of chemicals and a move to biodynamic viticulture.

2.  Respect the culture of the area - what Bruno De Conciliis calls “the rhythm of life” Every area expresses its own material culture; not only what people eat and drink, but the local relationship of humans to the earth.

3. Respect the people who do the work De Conciliis is located in one of the poorest areas of Campania. Part of their effort is to re-hire workers, pay them a real wage, and guarantee them year-round work.