Love Letter

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DSC01380 small

With the rise of the digital age, love letters are slowly diminishing.  Why take time to express your feelings in prose when you have emojis, e-cards and online shopping?  Because a love letter takes time, it is more connected with the truth of your emotions.  You must contemplate your feelings fully and intend to express them in the truest form.  This cocktail was crafted with complex flavors that dance together on the palate.  Fresh seasonal grapefruit boosts immunity and rose and tarragon relax the mind and release stress.  Slow down and take time to show your special someone exactly how you feel.  

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DSC01356 small


1 1/2 fresh grapefruit juice

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1 sprig tarragon

1/2 oz gin

1 pinch stevia to taste

5 dashes rose water

1 - 2 oz champagne

1 dash cranberry bitters

garnish cracked black pepper


  • muddle grapefruit juice, lime juice and tarragon in small shaker tin
  • add gin, rose water, stevia & ice
  • shake well
  • strain into coup glass or champagne flute
  • top with champagne
  • add 1 dash of cranberry bitters
  • garnish w/ freshly cracked pepper and dried prim rose
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DSC01410 small