Living a Mark Twain Tale in Hannibal, Missouri

If you ever wanted to go back in time, where classic American stories unfold as steamboats cruise the river, then head to the small historic town of Hannibal, Missouri. 

Notably the town where Mark Twain grew up, Hannibal fully embraces it’s history, offering several museums covering Mark Twain’s life and novels, drawings from Norman Rockwell and replicas of Tom Sawyer and Samuel Clemen’s homes in the heart of town where they were originally located. 

Situated along bank of the Mississippi River and driven by early industries such as copper, candles and lumber, the town grew rapidly during the steamboat era, growing from a population of just 1,000 to 30,000 from 1830 to 1837.The buildings are indicative of the time of settlement, with gorgeous brick victorian houses and old storefronts that attract over a hundred thousand of tourists each year. 

After a full day touring the town, I laid my head to rest the Dubach Inn, an Italianate Victorian house constructed in 1871 and owned and operated by a lovely couple who moved to laid back town from Tacoma, Washington.   The suite was very comfortable with a separate bedroom and private back deck.   The following day,  coffee was delivered to my room in the morning and I enjoyed a breakfast frittata, fresh fruit, homemade granola banana muffin and oatmeal in the formal dining room.