Watermelon Crush Cocktail

Watermelon is summertime’s BBQ superfood, a nutrient dense fruit versatile enough for use in salads, cocktails or eaten by the slice.  Rich in lycopene it has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and due to the high water content is low in calories.   One well-known benefit of watermelon is it’s ability to reduce blood pressure and cause relaxation due to the high concentration of citrulline. Combine the super fruit with tequila, fresh lime juice, mint & jalapeño and you have a  summertime cooler sure to keep your party in the perfect chill zone.


3 cubes of fresh watermelon

1 - 2 slices jalapeno

2 - 3 mint leaves

1 oz fresh lime juice

.75 oz agave

1.5 oz organic tequila blanco


  • Muddle watermelon, jalapeno, & mint in shaker tin
  • Add agave, fresh lime juice & tequila
  • Add ice & shake well
  • Strain over new ice in rocks glass
  • Garnish with mint & watermelon slice