Zen Tea

There’s a nostalgia about iced tea, it brings me back to my childhood and the summers I spent on my grandmothers 10 acres in Buck County, PA.   Dirty and wet from playing with my brother in the forests and creek, I remember returning to the porch thirsty for glass of her homemade sun tea.

Now as an adult, I make iced tea weekly as the combinations are endless. If you don’t add a lot of sugar, then this refreshing beverage remains low in calories and you can add different herbs for a variety of medicinal properties.

The combination of green tea and lavender is one of my favorites. Green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps lower blood pressure while lavender helps reduce anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation.

This lovely floral iced tea is also delicious with bourbon or vodka for a unique adult beverage.


makes 1/2 gal 

3 oz  fresh lavender

3 c green tea - brew 1 bag per cup of water for 2 min

1 c fresh lemon juice

1 c coconut sugar


  • steep lavender in 3 c water for 8 min
  • add 3 bags of green tea for 2 min
  • strain tea
  • add lemon juice and coconut sugar
  • pour into pitcher and refrigerate
  • pour into glass over ice and
  • (optional) add 1 oz of bourbon or vodka for and adult tea
  • garnish with a lavender flower