Inside SEMA - Las Vegas

Set against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps, SEMA is an industry car show unlike any other. Every year the vehicle built by the creative genuises showcased at SEMA push the boundaries and create jaw dropping eye candy every turn of the 50,000 square foot event.

If you're stoked on original car builds, classics, rally cars, trucks or just about anything automotive then you don't want to miss this show. Unfortunately, it's only open to industry folks, like me, but don't worry I have you covered.

This year I created a two-part SEMA video experience.

If you're curious about the road trip I took from LA to Vegas, check out The Journey to SEMA (LA to Vegas Road Trip).

Then join me on a sneak peek inside SEMA where I meet fans at the Royal Purple booth, interview Comedian Tom Green on Man Seeks Adventure Podcast and share some of my favorite cars.

Some of the cool cars that caught my eye! Scroll down.