Road Trip: Los Angeles to Las Vegas

SEMA is the largest after market car parts trade event in the US that brings folks from around the world to the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. I typically walk and run 10 miles a day across the convention center, dodging people and smiling briskly as I try to make my next interview on time.

This year instead of hurrying to arrive in Las Vegas to toss myself into the whirlwind, I decided to take my time and explore the areas along the drive that I've never had time to stop and see.  After all, it will be there when I arrive and with over 100,000 guests I don't think anyone will notice.

Follow me as I drive a Nissan Versa from Los Angles to Sin City stopping at a few landmarks, like Peggy Sue’s 50’s  Diner and the mysterious zzyyzx exit along the way.

PEGGY SUES 50's Diner

Peggy Sue's in located in Yermo Ca, about half way  between LA and LV, making this iconic stop a fun way to break up the monotonous desert drive.  The diner's been first opened in 1954 with just 9 bar stools and 3 booths.  Renovations have since added and updated not only the dinning area but also the grounds, including  Diner-saur Park and a shop stock full of unique candies and gifts.

Zzyyzx Road

Anyone's who driven the highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas as seen the mysterious Zzyyzx sign. The exit is in the middle of nowhere, about 100 miles from Las Vegas. Every time I drive past it, I've always wondered why it exists.  Why on earth did they name it that? Did they run out of real words to use?  What is it?  Well, it was time to find out.  After driving 4.5 miles on some paves and dirt road, I arrive a the end, a series of building which were a former health spa ran illegally by a cult evangelist.  Since the area exists inside the boundaries of the Mojave National Preserve it is now a desert research center.  Very dry, very deserted and, it was a bit creepy   Watch the video about for the full story.

Next join me Inside SEMA and witness the genius car builds and entertainment that happens in the City of Sin for the largest car show in the country.