Stil de Grain Martini

Stil 2 tall It's martini time!

When you want a nice stiff drink a vodka martini is a great choice.  It's super easy to make and the key to a delicious martini is quality ingredients.  Don't use cheap vodka or vermouth, you will taste the difference.

I created the Stil de Grain Martini using an Crop organic grain vodka and Vya Whisper Dry vermouth.  A traditional martini uses a 2:1 ration but I like 4:1, play with it to find what you prefer.


Since martini's are pure alcohol I always find myself craving a something to munch on while drinking it.  Instead of the traditional olive garnish or lemon twist, I chose a pepperoncini and grape tomato.   The pepperoncini adds a zippy spice and the tomato makes a delicious finishing bite.

Stil de Grain is the name of a yellowish color pigment similar to the color of the pepperoncini

2 oz Crop organic vodka
1/2 oz Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth
1 medium pepperoncini
1- 2 grape tomatos
  • add ice to martini glass to cool while stirring cocktail
  • add vodka and vermouth to mixing glass with ice and stir well ( 1-2 min until very cold)
  • toss the ice sitting in martini glass
  • strain vodka and vermouth mixture into cool martini glass
  • skewer the pepperoncini & grape tomato  ( I like thee bamboo skewers from Cost Plus World Market)
  • garnish martini
  • sip & enjoy

Stil 2 tomato up top